Search and Seizure: The Meaning of the Fourth Amendment Today
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4th amendment research paper,

But does the Constitution require them to turn a blind eye? These general warrants authorized the bearer to enter any house or other place to search for and seize prohibited and uncustomed goods. Technically, there is no probable cause for a full-scale search at this point, because there is only a suspicion that a person is acting dangerously. Written originally in response to violations of privacy by an intrusive British government during colonial times, the Fourth Amendment is used today to both justify and protest various police procedures-some unknown in colonial times.

Freedom of Religion research papers on the founding father's idea of freedom and religion.

The Fourth Amendment famously protects against “unreasonable searches and seizures.” As capabilities for government surveillance rapidly develope. Feb 2, Fourth amendment; search and seizure The fourth amendment of the papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall.

The lack of any probable cause or individualized suspicion was deemed inconsequential by the Court due to the magnitude of the state's interest in reducing drunk driving. Supreme Court case involved a police officer who was patting down a suspect during a stop and frisk situation.

Search and Seizure: The Meaning of the Fourth Amendment Today

Do you agree with the court's decision? Supreme Court decisions, there appears to be an emerging consensus among the public favoring relaxed rules 4th amendment research paper police conduct in search and seizure situations.

View Fourth Amendment Research Papers on for free. Free fourth amendment papers, essays, and research papers.

At a pre-trial hearing, called a motion to suppress, the defendant challenges the police actions, while the state the prosecutor defends the search as reasonable and not in violation of the Fourth Amendment. Give your reasons.

Fourth Amendment Research Papers

Supreme Court found this policy and the police conduct to be reasonable because the low level of "fear and surprise" a law-abiding motorist would experience is only a minimal intrusion on privacy. A large urban school system only tests a student for drugs when there is a reasonable suspicion that the individual student is using drugs.

essay framework definition 4th amendment research paper

What arguments were made on both sides of this question? Requiring students to submit to such a test is a search under the Fourth Amendment, and the Court found the search reasonable because the state has a strong interest in reducing adolescent drug use.

They then brought a lawsuit in federal court claiming that the school's program violated their rights.

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  • In another case, warrantless airplane surveillance of a fenced backyard was allowed for purposes of detecting marijuana cultivation.

What legal issue is involved in this creative writing retreats perth Written originally in response to violations of privacy by an intrusive British government during colonial times, the Fourth Amendment is used today to both justify and protest various police procedures-some unknown in colonial times. While there is a judicial preference for warrants in terms of separation of powers, warrants act as a check on the power of the executive branch by the judicial branchthe U.

A large 4th amendment research paper school system institutes a policy of random drug-testing of all high school students.

While some cases raise the question of when a warrant is needed, others involve an even more fundamental aspect 4th amendment research paper the Fourth Amendment: The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution was adopted in with the purpose of ensuring that a bubble of privacy would surround each and every American citizen. Under this new exception, officers are allowed to seize evidence they may discover during a pat-down frisk, when it is immediately apparent to the officer that the evidence is connected to a crime.

Galvan, J.

For example, a recent U. How to Write a Research Paper on Fourth Amendment This page is designed to show you how to write a research project on the topic you see here.

Fourth Amendment Research Papers

In a school where there has been some violence, metal detectors are installed at all outside doors. Garcia quoting Wolf v Colorado, U.

Such a balancing test also invites consideration of the importance of the state's interest in stopping crime and reducing violence.

United States v Sokolow, U. All students who wished to participate as athletes or cheerleaders, as well as their parents or guardians, were required to sign a consent form agreeing that the students would submit to urinalysis if chosen on a random basis.

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We believe that allowing the search of trash bags without a warrant would paint a grim picture of our society. The typical Fourth Amendment case arises when a defendant in a criminal case alleges that the police government seizure of evidence has violated his or her constitutional rights.

Amendment IVThe right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be. Fourth Amendment research papers discuss search and seizure according to the United States Constitution. Paper Masters' writers write on the Fourth.

Which opinion do you think represents the majority view of the U. Do you agree with the Supreme Court decision? An additional way to interpret reasonableness is to weigh, in each case, the legitimate law enforcement interests of the government against the individual's reasonable expectation of privacy. Consequently, we hold that the search was illegal under the Fourth Amendment and that the items should not have been used to convict Greenwood.

A research paper on the Fourth Amendment examines the following aspects of the Fourth Amendment: The testing procedure was to work this way.

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Through the genius of this document, America has survived the bumps and bruises of more than two hundred years of its experiment with constitutional democracy. A search does not require a physical entry. Clearly, the police do not have to take the drugs to ensure their safety as they continue their investigation.

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Though they did not have enough evidence to obtain a search warrant, the police asked the garbage collector to pick up plastic garbage bags that Greenwood had left on the curb in front of his house and turn them over to police without mixing them with other garbage.

Arizona as it applies to the United States Constitution.

Fourth Amendment | Constitution | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute

Constitution protects Americans against unreasonable searches essay on do friendship last forever seizures by government officials. Bertine, U. Greenwood, U.

Free Essays from Bartleby | Fourth Amendment Paper Assignment Today, I am within the Bill of Rights, will be the principle subject in this research paper. The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and the Fourth Amendment with Orin Kerr, Fred C. Stevenson Research Professor of.

The Thirteenth Amendment research papers explain how the amendment made slavery illegal and paved the way for the Reconstruction Era. Therefore, we hold that cover letter for dialysis patient care technician with no experience trash collected may be used as evidence against Greenwood.

Search and Seizure: The Meaning of the Fourth Amendment Today

What other arguments do you find in the judicial opinions expressed on both sides of this question? Supreme Court for Fourth Amendment and certain other constitutional violations.

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The Court agreed that the wire tap was a search under the Fourth Amendment.