Britain and Nigeria’s unity: Matters Arising
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Essay on nigeria unity matters arising. Restructuring for Nigeria’s National Unity, By Atiku Abubakar – Premium Times Opinion

Was a referendum conducted by Britain before she lumped together the various ethnic groups?
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  3. Just as many were thinking all previous episodes were just unavoidable accidents, Danjuma was just yesterday reported accusing the Nigerian military of colluding with armed bandits to perpetrate violence in his home state and other parts of Nigeria.
  4. In the circumstance, it is difficult to condemn the ultimate resort to the declaration of Biafra, yet the leadership of the secessionist bid stands condemned for two reasons.

Can Arkwright claim that he is not aware that Britain crafted a Nigerian nation that is characterised by injustice? It assumed more responsibilities for infrastructure provisioning, education, social services and business investment.

The allied observation is the double jeopardy of not cutting short the horrific misery of his citizens once it became crystal clear that prolongation of the war was the worst case scenario for Biafra.

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Think about this for a moment: With its level of enlightenment, development and civilisation, one had expected Britain to be more interested in impressing it on the minds of Nigerian leaders that the best way to lay a solid national foundation that will usher in the expected level of peace and development is to build a nation that is anchored on justice and equity.

Second, autonomy for the component states and localities to determine their development priorities and wage structures.

Insecurity In Nigeria And Matters Arising

Beyond the blackmail of the Nigerian Praetorian Guard no one is posing the unity of Nigeria as a Manichaean duality between my way or the highway, between remaining together as one indivisible country and outright disintegration. Our potentials are enormous.

To be properly understood, I will draw a parallel with the outbreak of the president election annulment crisis. The outcome of the civil war in which the federal military government prevailed over the secessionist Biafra has bred the confusion of understanding and rendering Nigerian unity as synonymous with the pseudo federalist-nationalist ideology of the victorious army.

Ditto the referendum of through which instrument the Mid-Western region was created from the Western region was an exercise in negotiating Nigerian unity. Here we can see that within the womb of the imposition of national unity on the Eastern region resided the element of negotiating the same unity with the appeasement of the Eastern minorities.

The idea of past leaders in virtually all countries automatically transforming into statesmen after leaving power, has since been heavily defeated in Nigeria.

  • OPINION: TY Danjuma: Matters Arising – ScanNews Nigeria
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  • The same is also true about President Buhari today.
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  • However, it seems it has all fallen apart as recent events apparently proves that he has since renounced his national statesmanship in favour of ethnic championship.

Nigerians should be free to live, study and work anywhere in the country as long as they are law-abiding. Excessive dependence on oil revenues led to the collapse of our agriculture-based economy.

comment citer un texte dans une dissertation essay on nigeria unity matters arising

Today virtually every section of our country feels marginalised — meaning they believe that other segments of society are prospering in ways they are not. The political conduct of President Muhammadu Buhari since his assumption of office has been quite troubling. Unity is an ideal that should be laboured for and achieved through a deliberate plan of action that is anchored on justice.

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For instance, there is no reason for the governor of Akwa Ibom State to earn the same salary as the governor of Benue State or for a teacher in Orlu to earn the same salary as the one in Abuja or Port Harcourt. For Nigeria to move forward, it must embrace restructuring to give way to a national rebirth, where every Nigerian would be given a sense of belonging.

The call for restructuring is even more relevant today in light of the governance and economic challenges facing us.

Restructuring for Nigeria’s National Unity, By Atiku Abubakar

These included not just such capital-intensive industries as steel and petrochemicals but brick-making factories and bakeries as well. Third, a tax-centred revenue base. TY Danjuma: The bad news is that, in implicit acceptance of its own illegitimacy, Nigeria will have to trade with them in a manner that proves its inherent instability, and it is in this haphazard and hazardous motion that this beleaguered country may sooner stumble on the messy fate that awaits it around the corner.

It is also not a secret that ethnic and religious priority is imminent in anything that has to do with Nigeria.

essay on nigeria unity matters arising me bank case study

Rather they were being subsidised by the budget. Restructuring will unleash the potentials for development and create the necessary conducive environment.

  • Insecurity In Nigeria And Matters Arising — Leadership Newspaper
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  • We therefore agreed to prioritize its publication on the social media where many of these youths would have access to it.
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To worsen matters, Britain deliberately empowered a certain section of the country politically, to lord it over the rest of the country since when Nigeria gained political independence.

Besides, many of them were accused of things that make it difficult to research paper on cybercrime truly accepted as statesmen by the majority. You listen and respect public opinion, not dismiss and waved it away.

JUST-IN: I’m Not In Coma, My Driver Not Dead – el-Rufai

Nigeria must remain a united country. But I also believe that a united country, which I think most Nigerians desire, should never be taken for granted or taken as evidence that Nigerians are content with the current structure of the federation.

That situation needs to change, and calling for that change is patriotic.

essay on nigeria unity matters arising how to cite book in an essay

It will help with improving security. But because they have diversified economies, oil does not dominate their government revenues and does not have the same distortionary effect it has on our own.

Beyond polemics, the fact is that the unity of Nigeria started being in , 37 other states have joined to reach the present composition of 50 states. (for that matter) the compulsion of the overly disproportionate magnitude. MATTERS ARISING: Why was FG silent on Buhari's health and nepotism as alleged the dynamics of internal politics, and this, he said, has cost the nation its unity. when the president blamed the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria “for.

And, the rising tide of agitations — some militant and violent — require a reset in our relationships as a united nation. This unworkable framework is also report of the quest for unity which is unconnected by constitutional, cultural and historical realities.

As Chairman of the National Council on Privatisation from toin my capacity as the Vice President, I was shocked when I saw firsthand the manner of businesses our federal government was involved in. Was it inconceivable that the Yoruba would have gone to war were they not appeased with the admittance of wrongdoing by the Nigerian state; and a display of penitence and manifest commitment to make amends?

However, looking at the demographics of the responses, I quickly dismissed most of them as unfair especially as they had to do ethno-religious sentiments. How We Got Here:

We therefore agreed to prioritize its publication on the social media where many of these youths would have access to it. Regrettably, Nigeria is still at the primordial stage, more than four decades ago, when the late Pa Awolowo referred to it as a mere geographical expression. Such a verdict on the hypothetical rebellion and its failure can only be right within the context of the philosophy of might is sample research paper cse format. It also exposed the Nigerian economy to volatile market swings, booms and bursts.

The forgoing are institutional values that are cherished in Britain, yet Britain is not concerned about their institutionalisation in Nigeria. Greater autonomy, power and resources for states and local authorities will give the federating units greater freedom and flexibility to address local issues, priorities and peculiarities.

We must renegotiate our union in order to make it stronger. Historically, Arkwright is aware that some of the nations hastily crafted together by British imperialism, have gone their separate ways because the foundation upon which they were brought together was faulty.

For example, Ojukwu was originally a staunch Nigerian nationalist, before the events of of ethnic self-defense, not because they inherently did not believe in Nigerian Unity. . upon a mutual dissolution of the Nigerian Federation; no matter how economically viable .. BIAFRA: Rising sun or dying dream?. Mike Okonkwo National Essay Competition for Secondary School The topic for this year's competition is “Nigeria's Unity: Matters Arising”.

In fact, Nigerian leaders should thank God that despite the monumental level of injustice and oppression in the country, Nigeria has not witnessed a revolution and eventual disintegration. As citizens who ideally should be the ones learning from TY Danjuma, our major concern is not the ethnicity of the perpetrators or victims of violence, ours is to help ensure peace and security everywhere and for everyone as well as seeing the research paper on cybercrime punished.

We should remember that his status is not different from that of people like Murtala and Obasanjo. They may not be aware that the federal system which we inherited at independence allowed the regions to retain their autonomy to raise and retain revenues, promote development, and conduct their affairs as they saw fit, while engaging in healthy competition with others.

Nigeria is a country that is replete with agitations, agitations emanated from the structural imbalances fostered on Nigeria by British imperialism. The federal government is too big, and too powerful, relative to the federating states.

essay on nigeria unity matters arising tenure track position in creative writing

Nigerian national unity is aspirational and a continuous process of negotiation and renegotiation which commenced in earnest in when little thought was given to the amalgamation beyond the administrative convenience of the British colonialist.

How We Got Here: I hope that the essays contained therein will help to stir and deepen the debates on our federal structure, governance and intergovernmental relations. The events leading to the war do not lend themselves to this convenient bifurcation.

By the time I compiled some 10 things that many may not know about TY Danjuma and wrote the article, I had the Nigerian youths in mind, for they are mostly the ones who hardly know much of his history and that of the nation in general.

aqa dt coursework grade boundaries essay on nigeria unity matters arising

No one can deny the good works and sacrifices Danjuma has done and still doing especially in terms of historical patriotism, national unity and contemporary philanthropy, but why would the once revered general decide to end it all on a very low note, so low that even commoners find it disgusting.

Unleashing the military to suppress opposition and agitations is only postponing the evil day. Equally, they have a right to be heard because the constitution provides for freedom of expression, even as restructuring is going to be a major factor in the elections.

essay on nigeria unity matters arising research paper on mycorrhizal fungi

My reservations about him notwithstanding, I used to believe that he is a victim of the Nigerian way of public judgement in which your bad deeds make the headlines ten times faster than any of your good ones. In fact the current situation encourages governors to abuse their power, do little to raise revenue and point fingers at the federal government, thereby making it more difficult for their people to hold them to account.

Despite founding a Nigerian nation that is standing on a faulty foundation, it is preposterous that Britain is more interested in Nigeria's unity than. 'United we stand, divided we fall.' This is a common refrain in Nigeria. But has there ever been proof of unity in diversity? Outside its myriads of.

There are always tensions arising from matters relating to the sharing of power, resources and responsibilities. However, any critical observation of the socio-political terrain in the middle belt since after the return of democracy in cannot completely absolve the former Defence Minister of playing the wrong roles unexpected of a statesman of his own calibre.

Biafra leader Emeka Ojukwu should not have insisted on his maximum demands and repudiate the lesser offer on the table in the Aburi Accord given that the Biafra army was not sufficiently prepared.

Restructuring for Nigeria’s National Unity, By Atiku Abubakar – Premium Times Opinion

Ladies and gentlemen, Nigeria is not working as well as it should and part of the reason is the way we have structured our country and governance, especially since the late s. Equating calls for restructuring Nigeria with national disunity conveys the implication that it is only the present 36 states that conform to the patriotic sense of national unity.

I ask every one of you to be at alert and defend your country, your territory and your state.

Since the technology nowadays is so wonderful. This is significant since eBooks are the same as books only that eBooks are read using the computer.

Some may say that we are saddled with more urgent challenges, including the rebuilding our battered economy, creating jobs, fighting corruption and securing our people from terrorism and other forms of serious crimes. We now know that the more resources the federal government has, the more responsibilities it tends to assume.

background investigator cover letter no experience essay on nigeria unity matters arising

Shagari, Abdussalmi and Gowon appear to be much more relatively accepted largely due to their ability to stay away from active politics and partisan controversies after office.